The weekend’s coming up, but you’re dreading it because you know you need to take care of some home maintenance.  Relax – it doesn’t have to take a lot of time or drama. With just a little planning, you’ll be done before you know it.  So here are a few tips…


Don’t just have a plan, have a WRITTEN plan. That way you can size up the time, tools and possibly

personnel (“Oh, kids . . .”) you’ll need to get through your list quickly. Using a schedule like this one from Home Inspector Jim Goodbrad covers the steps. You can also use an actual checklist that can be printed to review and keep for your home’s records.



Use the smarts in your smartphone. Use the calendar feature to set up reminders for various activities. It’s like making an appointment with your house. I use my phone to make sure my little plants get their regular feeding - otherwise they might have to start tapping on the windows for food. If your phone doesn’t have a calendar feature, there are any number of free apps available to keep your home

maintenance on track.



Don’t forget about your yard. Your lawn and  

plants will love you for keeping up on their

maintenance. The University of Florida is a

great resource to learn more about the flora

and fauna for your area. Here

is a link to lawn care  watering and even mowing tips that can help you save your grass and your water bill.



Why do we buy a home, anyway? To have a roof over our head, right? So it’s important to make sure it’s in good repair. Take a little time, either from the ground or up on the ladder, and give theroof  a look. You can get up on a ladder to check for things like cracked caulk, rust spots or buckling/curling shingles, or, if you’re uncomfortable with heights, you can stay on the ground and use a pair of

binoculars. If you have any concerns you are not prepared to deal with yourself, get in touch with roof contractors for bids. Getting two to three will give you a good idea of the likely cost.



Planning ahead and putting in a little effort will give you peace of mind and less stress on your wallet. With just a little time, patience and care, you can have a safe and well maintained home for years to come.  Let us know if you have any questions about this or any other information in our blogs. Please share your comments and suggestions. Check us out at